The Renbaal are a strong and silent group of demons with a deep history of scorned pride that has effected the attitude of all clans for generations. They are exceptionally skilled in the art of making extremely deadly melee weapons.


Renbaal are rugged and rough humanoid demons, barely indistinguishable from man besides the massive sharp horns and unnaturally wild hair. They are nomadic in nature, staying in extremely small clans of 5-10 traveling all of Aurz. They range from dark brown to bright red haired with dark brown skin. On rare occasions the strongest of Renbaal can live to be 200 years old, although most die in ambitious battle around mid-life.


Renbaal house deceptively deep reserves of strength, able to grow twice their size in intense moments of battle and anger. They are also very nimble and posses great agility, even when wielding their self-made cleavers.

The Renbaal are highly in tune with the fire orientation inside of them, and utilize this to great efficiency when crafting weapons. Young Renbaal are taught early to temper steal with their fire abilities, and they continue enhancing their first self-made blades for the rest of their lives that they name their Birth-Blades.


Notable Renbaal in Aurz world history.

-Furnak 'The Dirt Blade'.

Sometime during the First Epoch, Furnak the Renbaal became infamous in Dedem's regions for his reputation creating weapons for sale and trade to both man and demon. This was before the Redead Defiance, and before the need for any weapons distribution outside of clans, and was deemed inexcusable by the Jurresicah, who had become extremely embarrassed by Furnaks actions. 

Agrestar the Jurresicah challenged Furnak to one-on-one combat, under the conditions that the loser be banished from the main fire collective in Dedem. Furnak was forced to use one of the weapons he made for sale instead of his birth-blade, and because of this was easily defeated by Agrestar. Furnak became the first Renbaal to lose a weapon, split in half and defeated in the ground the demons dubbed him the 'Dirt Blade'. Future generations of Renbaal would never emotionally recover from this banishment and shame, despite the selling of Furnaks weapons becoming an advantage for Dedem during the Redead Defiance.

-The Boiling Cleaver Pirate.
During the ending of the First Epoch and well into the Second, at the height of the new pirate activity across Aurz directly after the events of the Redead Defiance, reports of the Boiling Cleaver Pirate first originated. This pirate was a Renbaal grunt who fought in the Defiance, and became insane at sea. On the Tiyensanes Sea during an intense battle near the end of the Defiance, the Renbaal murdered his captain and turned traitor, engulfing the ship and the rest of its primarily human crew ablaze. The Renbaal sailed the burning ship to shore just before sinking, and promptly stole a new ship. It was the surviving members of the Redead position that named this Renbaal the Boiling Cleaver.

Some say the Renbaals insanity is keeping him in his heightened muscular state perpetually, amplifying his intense soul of fire. Despite being called a pirate, the Boiling Cleaver never stole from his victims, and instead took pleasure in incinerating ships whole  across the oceans randomly. The Boiling Cleaver Pirates last victim was reported around E2, Y0150, and he was never seen again. Current historians believe in a rage of insanity alone at sea the Renbaal pirate incinerated his own ship and drowned.


-The oldest battle cleaver in Aurz history was forged by Fyur the Renbaal  for the Demihuman crisis, the 'Fineflesher'. It was Fyur's birth-blade, and is in the Aurz Sanguina Museum in Grand.  It is a weapon of great debate, having slain hundreds of humans.


Weight: 180lbs.

Stats based on species average

Height: 5'6
Toh/Ken: N/N

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