• Trevor Woodham

WEBCOMIC LAUNCH and other news!

Toh'Ken: the Webcomic has a home now over at Webtoon! The first 4 pages are uploaded, with at least 1 new page being uploaded every week from now on! The webcomic follows Twiggy and her demon mentor Rinecon as she struggles to join the illustrious Garden Guards, but can she before the vile Ken energy takes over Oshenn Island?

The webcomic is a very important piece to the Toh'Ken title as it will be used largely to expand on the world and lore of Oshenn Island and it's past. Hopefully this will engage large numbers of fans to keep entertained and excited while production of the mobile game continues.


In other news, prototype 0.0.9 was met with updated game styling as well as an important overhaul to many important areas. Certain areas like the shop and a players card collection have been updated greatly, with the current main focus going forward being the actual battle mechanics, visuals and playthrough.

Lastly, many new demons have been created and will be uploaded into the ever-expanding demon roster available to view on-site. We hope you enjoy the news, and look forward to new updates on the Toh'Ken webcomic!


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