• Trevor Woodham

Toh'Ken Official Development Blog!

Hello adventurers, and welcome to the Toh'Ken devblog! This blog is for chronicling the progress and development of the Toh'Ken mobile game currently being produced by the Gamebarks team.

Toh'Ken started its inception back in 2016 under the working title "Counter Creatures", and has been worked on, revised, deconstructed and reconstructed relentlessly since, culminating in the final vision that is currently Toh'Ken, a collectible card based puzzle RPG.

Currently in the prototype stages of development, Gamebarks hopes to have an Early Access build released by New Years 2020, starting the professional future of the studio off right for the new year of 2021.

This dev blog is to share development milestones, breakthroughs, news both good and bad, and more throughout the creation process of Toh'Ken up to its Early Access release and beyond, so welcome to the journey with us adventurers, we hope you stick around!

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