• Trevor Woodham

Toh'Ken Dreams with the PS4 pt.2

Piggybacking off our last Dev entry exclaiming the new idea for a Toh'Ken ps4/ps5 game Toh'Ken: Mystery of the Mech, we want to show a clearer image of the idea in our heads.

( Entryway to Rekum Fields, a large and brightly colored area where Mech oriented demons create material for construction, will serve as the tutorial area for new players)

We decided to use Oshenn Islands location Rekum Fields as a starting area and built around that point of interest. Included in the Rekum Fields test is our first demon model, Wurkhuarse! Toh'Ken:MMs storyline will be centered around the mysterious and enigmatic Mech orientated demons of Oshenn Island, and their unclear relation to the history of the Mystic oriented demons

(Wurkhuarse, the wise and hardworking mech demon, will serve as a mentor to the new player, explaining the basics before setting you off for adventure)

The dev software Gamebarks is using for TK:MM is Dreams created by Media Molecule, and as a creative suite it can NOT be praised enough for it's intuitive control, and its large help of rem-oving the need to know every nook, cranny, and crevice of programming in order to create. In order to keep Toh'Ken a wholly original creation every prop, asset, texture, programmed behavior, etc is completely created in-house, and nothing is taken or borrowed from the creator filled library of resources (Which is a huge plus as a feature for Dreams alone, but we're playing it safe with our IP and others!)

( The bright, friendly, and intriguing shapes and objects of Oshenn will hold many secrets, collectables, and passageways to explore a land rich with history and lore.)

While the Dreams software may let users grab from a wide library of player and creator made content, it has the drawback of not being able to import from other sources i.e. models, props and art made in related software like Photoshop or Unity. This however is no drawback to Gamebarks, as its creator and lead artist also acts as the sculptor and designer for the ps4 project ensuring the artistic direction and aesthetic for Toh'Ken transitions flawlessly from 2D to 3D, promising another seamless entryway into the world of Oshenn Island.

(No this isnt concept art! The aesthetic put into the scenery of Toh'Ken: Mystery of the Mech is designed to make the player feel like they're exploring a rich and beautiful piece of art.)

Needless to say, Toh'Ken: Mystery of the Mech is off to an extremely promising start considering its inception of less than a week ago. The small indie team of Gamebarks continues to nurture and strengthen the Toh'Ken titles with hard work and big goals, promising the release of it's mobile game Toh'Ken: Card Combat sometime in the first half of 2021. (Stay tuned for more information on TK:CC in the next blog post!)

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