• Trevor Woodham

Toh'Ken Dreams with the PS4

First off, development on the Toh'Ken app is going greatly. Nearing the 11th prototype, we're primarily focusing on perfecting the battle mechanics, while also uploading a massive number of assets to contribute to Food, Weapons, and more. We're also beginning to add the "Episodes" to the main story campaign, which is a big step towards the end goal. Demon creations and designs are continuing to roll out almost daily, raising the collectable roster closer to the initial release goal of 155 base demons, NOT counting Toh and Ken alters for said demons. Yeah, there's going to be a lot.

( Did someone say "Make a PS4 game"...? That was just us?" )

Arguably even more exciting is the discovery of the wildly original and creative PS4 game "Dreams" from Media Molecule. Not so much a game as it is a creative program not too different from Unity or Photoshop, geared towards a myriad of creative aspects. What I'm hooked on currently is it's ability to let me create an entire, and entirely original, game all by ourselves. So naturally I began teaching myself how to use this platform until it's like a second language to me, and decided to use the Toh'Ken title as the first project.

( Are you telling me soon I can roam the beautiful terrain of Oshenn Island in 3D? )

Long story short, over the weekend and through over a dozen hours of tutorials and more coffee we care to admit, we have what we're proud to show as VERY early screenshots of an idea. The idea is a Toh'Ken game for the PS4, "Toh'Ken: Mystery of the Mech". In these screenshots everything (Besides the blue guy running around) was designed and sculpted by hand, and there is a working Health and Mana bar, as well as an implemented lives system. Not bad for a weekend huh?

( Am I being watched? That sure is one massive and suspicious chunk of metal way back there... Could Toh'Ken: Mystery of the Mech already be holding secrets? )

As always, stay tuned for more development news from Gamebarks for all things Toh'Ken related, from the App game, evolving webcomic, and now the new development Toh'Ken: Mystery of the Mech for PS4!

( Whew, maybe time for a break - ? )

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