• Trevor Woodham

The Toh'Ken physical TCG prototype cards are here.

The success of the Toh'Ken digital CCG on has been excellent, but the primary goal in my mind for Toh'Ken has always been a tabletop TCG strategy game (As well as a whole immersive world and fully fleshed out franchise, but that's much later~). Recently I finished the game rules and designing the cards, and finally had enough material to start creating some prototypes of the final designs.

Going with, I made enough test cards to really flesh out how the game will be set up, played, and look like in real life altogether. And I have to say, I'm really excited to continue with the production. For now, the plan is to create 2 playable theme decks to test real gameplay with the team, as well as close friends, and potential sponsors, to start getting attention towards the product and brand itself. Then, start a kickstarter to get as many playable theme decks to as many fans and backers to play and enjoy as soon as possible.

Stay tuned everybody for more news about the TCG production, as well as news about our new app game "Multiverse Safari" currently in development as well!

-Trevor Woodham

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