• Trevor Woodham

Over 20,000 Toh'Ken DCCG Packs Opened!

In just one month, the Toh'Ken Digital Collectable Card Game on has hit a milestone! Over 20 THOUSAND digital booster packs have been opened!

It's a super exciting number, and a point of pride for us here at Gamebarks with the Toh'Ken title. Hopefully this is putting the name out there for hundreds of people to see and remember, and our big first step into this great wide world of fans as well as competition. With this being just our first month live, we hope to continue the interest for all things Toh'Ken with plenty of new content and projects on the way for the very soon future which will be elaborated on in upcoming dev blogs.

From all of us here at Gamebarks, we thank all of you for being with us on this journey!

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