Hiyenka are highly respected members of all fire orientation colonies and clans for being devoted Firekeepers. They care little for politics or battle, and spend their lives traveling all of Aurz for the purpose of spreading fire to those in need.


Hiyenka are bipedal, brown furred demons with large ears and very sharp claws. They are built perfectly for high speed at long distances, and have extremely high stamina for cardio based activity. Their natural body temperature is extremely high, making their fur act as a special type of 'heated blanket' rendering it fireproof to natural flame.


Since birth, Hiyenka are trained to carry sacred urns and jars that hold a perpetually burning fire that they maintain indefinitely. They worship the fire soul more devoutly than most fire oriented demons, and therefore have exceptional command over flame. They've learned to balance this amazing power with a life of pacifism, choosing to use flame for live instead of violence. 

However, sometimes the fire must be protected during a Hiyenkas long travels spreading flame to those who can find beneficial use for it. To defend the flames it keeps, they are extremely skilled in hand to hand combat, even utilizing their feet in unique melee attacks with the razor sharp claws on their hands and feet. 


Notable Hiyenka in Aurz world history.

-Heiywa the Sunkeeper

During the First Epoch, Heiywa the Hiyenka became the first Firekeeper. During the first solar eclipse on Aurz, as the Moon overtook the sun, Heiywa in a panic used all of the fire in his soul to create a flame said to last forever. Heiywa forced the grand inferno into the villages largest pot and declared light for Hiyenka for as long as the darkness would last. After the 24 hour eclipse, Heiywa realized he had put so much soul into his flame that if it were not continuously maintained he would die. This resulted in the first dojo, and the first Firekeeper initiates. 

At Heiywa's inevitable death, the Firekeepers realized a small bit of the flame remained. 5 of the keepers split this flame and vowed to carry it to all corners of Aurz to spread the story of the forever flame.


-Hiyenka work and train in specific Firekeeper dojos scattered around Aurz, primarily in Saffanim, until they are 100, at which point they leave the dojo forever to travel Aurz alone as missionaries. 


Weight: 163lbs.
Height: 5'4
Toh/Ken: N/N
Stats based on species average