Short, sturdy, and highly volatile, Gamvulca are thuggish little brutes who enjoy lives as coal miners and ore smelters. They act as the common workers of underground activities and enjoy spending time creating new tunnels beneath the surface of Aurz.

They are oddly appreciative of humans due to their advancements in explosives.


Stout and plump with an intense center of gravity, these boulder-like reptilian demons have a massive tail for balancing their large, durable claws used for digging. They have multiple spikes along their body and two large horns atop their head capable of erupting large amounts of inhaled coal and dirt. 


Gamvulca have the ability to inhale and devour copious amounts of dangerous minerals and fumes making them ideal for working and living deep beneath Aurz surface. Due to the strange and explosive diet of these demons, they're able to utilize their horns as offensive exhaust pipes able to shoot toxic steam and even fire. 


Notable Gamvulca in Aurz world history.





Weight: 200lbs.
Toh/Ken: N/N
Stats based on species average
Height: 2'5"