The culmination of talent that has contributed to multiple titles has met fate to form Gamebarks.

As the truest form of indie entrepreneurship, mixed with the hardest tempered aspects of creation and publishing swirled in a cauldron of unrivaled skill, Gamebarks seems almost inevitable in it's success to make itself a respected and idealistic studio for both mobile gaming and beyond...

Trevor Woodham

CEO - Art Director

Creator of GameBarks and wizard of everything art related, Trevor got tired of working for other game studios both big and small, and decided to make his own. A jack of all trades in art production, he is currently the sole visual artist for GameBarks flagship title"Toh'Ken".


Agit Tri Mulyanto

Lead Programmer 

Agit is a passionate programmer who focuses on developing mobile games since 2015. He loves to play strategic and casual games. His critical thinking skill led him to work in game industry. Working with Gamebarks is a big path of his journey to improve his skill.


Feti Sumaryanti

Lead Designer

Feti is a digital art enthusiast who started developing mobile games as indie game developer since 2015. Her passion in digital arts led her to work as a game designer. She has always enjoyed developing games because it is challenging and interesting thing to do. Being a part of Gamebarks and meet talented people is a great experience and opportunity for her.


Thom Robins

Lead Music Composer

Thom Robins is the composer and sound director for Toh’Ken, he specializes in orchestral and retro soundtracks, and helps bring the world of Toh’Ken to life with his music, evident in his incredible skill creating the titles amazing  theme score. 


Adriana Torres

Social media manager

Adri is a promotion and marketing powerhouse lending her talents and insights of all things social media to cultivate attention and fan appreciation.